How Can Martial Arts Help You Dealing With Bullies

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Today we are talking about bullying that becomes a common problem. It hurts the person mentally, emotionally and physically. This is something that you cannot overlook or ignore. If your kids face this or somehow you have some sort of experience, you know how important it is to take action and stop bullies right there.

Bully can be verbal or physical. Bullies come and say something that makes you feel bad or irritating. Here they use their words to bully other people. On the other hand, physical bully involves physical contact like kicking, punching, slapping, pushing or hitting.

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Bullies usually pick up someone that is easy to catch. Someone who is nice and don't want to get into any trouble. They take advantage of this. They know that boy or girl cannot do anything about it. They come and make fun of him or her.

If that happens to your son or daughter, advice to ignore that will not work. Bullies do it again and again. If that happens at school, you can go and talk to the teachers and come up with a solution.

So how can martial art help you dealing with bullies?

No matter how much you try, you cannot be with your kids all the time. So when bullies get any chance, they will keep doing their nasty things. If you watch carefully, bullies usually choose their target who seems weak, vulnerable and have less confidence. They understand that from target person's body language, way of talking and behavior.

If someone learns martial arts, he or she will be more confident. His body language, movement, way of talking and behavior - everything expresses that. So if somehow bullies pick up someone thinking that's an easy target, they will understand that they make the wrong choice. They say something bad and when they get a response, they will not dare to move forward because they get the feeling that if they do, they will be in big trouble.

If it gets physical like grabbing the collar, slapping, pushing, punching and kicking, someone who learns martial arts for self defense are very familiar with these kinds of movement and knows exactly what to do to tech them a good lesson.

It is not that it has to end up with serious fighting, a martial artist can use different techniques to lock bullies or make them feel the pain. Next time they will think twice before doing anything.

When you know how to defend yourself, you have the confidence to face this kind of situation. We should be aware of what is going on and make other people aware of this. It is because bullying is really bad. It has a tremendous negative effect on the victim. So it is time to speak up and stand against bullying.

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Great..! This is very insightful because it's one of those challenges we face daily.
I'm following you on steemit.

Thank you. Glad to know you found it useful!

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Thank you for your support. Hope more people will read this and be aware of what's going on. It's time to stand against bullying!