How To Defend Low Kicks


There are different ways you can kick. To hit the upper part of the body, we do high kicks, it could be side kick, roundhouse kick, spinning kick, flying kick, front kick, hook kick and so on. Having flexibility is very important to kick higher. Otherwise, you will not be able to raise your legs and kick higher.

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To hit the lower part of the body, we do low kicks. Sometimes you will find it difficult to defend low kicks. Today we are going to talk about how to defend low kicks.

The target of the low kick is the lower part of your body, it can be your knee, ankle, thigh or anywhere below the waist. To defend high kicks, you can use your hands to block, but in order to defend low kicks, you cannot use your hands that much.

Maybe if the kick comes towards your thigh, you can use your hands to defend. But if someone kicks you lower than that, you cannot defend the low kick with your hands.

So what can you do to defend low kicks?

When you fight for self defense, always be aware of the distance. In a fight, distance plays an important role. To defend low kicks, you can move backward pretty fast and get out of the kicking range. Then the low kick cannot hit you anymore. This is one of the effective ways you can defend yourself against low kicks.

How about you cannot move back to defend that low kick? What are you going to do then? Stand there and waiting for the kick to hit you. ;)

To defend low kicks, you can raise your leg and use the leg (from knee to lower part) to defend the kicks. You can use your leg to block the low kicks. Your opponent low kicks will not work anymore. As soon as he or she kicks, you just raise your leg and defend that kick.

When you defend the low kick using your leg, it hurts if you are not used to it. So spend some time practicing with your training partner. When you get used to it, it would be easier for you to block and defend low kicks.

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@rezoanulvibes Another excellent material dear.
The low kicks are very effective and if you take a good hit you can reduce your attacker and give yourself time to leave the scene.
Thank you very much for letting us know all these defeza techniques
I wish you a prosperous week


Yes, low kicks are effective for self defense. You can quickly attack the attackers and get out of there fast. It is also difficult to defend. And I made this post focusing on how to defend low kicks.

Thank you very much @jlufer for your comment!
Have a nice day!