MMA vs Tai Chi - Is Tai Chi Useless?

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Tai chi is a martial art. It is good for health. When you think whether Tai Chi is useful or not, that comes down to the question, why you are learning Tai Chi.

If you are learning Tai Chi because you want to stay healthy and fit, that's great. It can improve your overall health. There are different movements in Tai Chi that anyone can practice.

If you want to use Tai Chi to fight with someone, you should know what he is capable of doing. If that person is a MMA guy, you have to practice with someone who has the same background, AKA, MMA fighter. Then you will know how useful it is against a MMA guy.

MMA fighters spend a lot of time on training, sparring and conditioning. They are doing it over and over. They are ready to hit you and take you down. If you are on the ground, MMA guy knows what to do over there. As far as I know, Tai Chi is not for ground fight. So if you practice Tai Chi and fight with a MMA guy, you had better know what to do on the ground because a MMA fighter will not stop in case the fight ends up on the ground.

You practice different moves on Tai Chi. Yes, you can use that in combat for self defense. It depends on the situation and what you want to do that time. If there is something hard or wall, and you can throw the opponent over there using Tai Chai moves, that can be very effective. If he gets hit, that makes more damage.

Every martial art has some uniqueness. When you want to defend yourself, you have to make your move based on the situation where you are in. If you see there are 25 or 85 bad guys out there, and two of them attack you, you have to defend yourself and at the same time, you might not want to make any obvious move that shows you are attacking them. You can use Tai Chi moves to throw them here and there, and find a way to get out of there.

In real life combat, you do not know what you are going to face. So you have to be practical when you make your moves for self defense. I'm giving my opinions. You could have different opinions. So please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I really appreciate your feedback and support. If you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, you can follow me @RezoanulVibes. That's it for now. Take care. See you around!

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