Palm Strike vs Hammer Fist In Self Defense

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We often talk about punch. Everyone is familiar with punches whether you learn martial art or not. Besides punches, there are different way of striking with hands. Palm strike and hammer fist are most effective strikes in self defense.

You can use palm to strike different parts of the body like ribs, chest, chin and so on. When you do palm strike, keep your fingers open and hit with your palm. You can use palm strike to push, guide or control the line of attack. You can also use it for setting up your next attack.

You can use hammer fit to strike chin, back, shoulder, and some more sensitive parts of the body. You can also use hammer fist to defend. When someone punch you, you can use hammer fist to defend. In this case, it acts as defend and strike at the same time. It would be very painful. The opponent will think twice before making his next move after getting hammer fist.

When you see palm strike and hammer fist, it seems hammer fist is more power and effective. Most people think like that. Yes, hammer fist is very effective and powerful and so is palm strike. Some people consider palm strike as a fancey move. I don't know how they get that idea, maybe watching movies.

If you know how to use palm strike and have experiece of using it, you know how effective and powerful a palm strike is. Sometimes what you see from the outside, that is the complete thing. When it comes to self defense in a street fight, sometimes experts recommend palm strike instead of punch.

The most important thing is, what you can use better. It is up to you how you will make it work for you. If you are good at hammer fist, use it for self defense. If you are good at palm strike, use palm strike for self defense.

What I'm saying here, that's my opinion. You can have a different opinion. And I respect that. So what do you like most? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below. I can learn something from you.

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