What To Do If Someone Chokes You From The Behind


We all want to be happy and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, when you are nice, sometimes some bad guys think that's your weakness. You do not say anything does not mean you cannot speak.

Attacking from the behind, yes, that can happen. Don't think the attacker is a gentleman and have a fight with honor. The attacker can grab your neck from the behind and apply pressure. So what can you do in this situation?

The basic is the same. Someone chokes you and you cannot breathe, that's a problem. You cannot stay like this forever, can you? So make sure you can breathe. Drop your neck and tighten it so that you can breathe. The attacker is on the behind. So move your leg back and turn. Now you can grab the attacker's wrist and pull it outside with force.

If the attacker is stronger than you and grab you tightly, you can grab his finger, put pressure and pull that outside. It is better to see what I'm talking about.

You can see a little different attack in this video. The attacker chokes with a belt or rope, then what should you do? You can do that same thing. Here tighten your neck, turn and grab the belt and attack instantly.

When you get attacked from the behind, you cannot see the attacker. It is already too late when you see the attacker. And you have already been attacked.

When you walk, you can sense or feel someone is following you. If you feel that, you can be more aware of it. Always be aware of your surroundings. That helps you a lot when it comes to self defense.

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Nick Drossos