What To Do If You Are Attacked From The Behind

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If someone attacks you by surprise, probably you are not ready to face that. When someone attacks you in front of you, you can see that, so you have a better chance to react. But when someone attacks you from the behind, that's a problem because you cannot see the attacker.

Someone can come and grab you from the behind. If you someone grabs you from the behind inside your arms and put pressure on your neck, that seems difficult to deal with. Let's watch this video.

Dr Mark Phillips is a Martial Arts and Defensive Skills Instructor. I respect him. He talks about self defense and what you can do to defend yourself in different situations.

Let's pay attention to the first attack. What you see in this video, you can use this technique to defend yourself. If the attacker is stronger than you are and grab you tight, you cannot release your hands like that. If you try to release your hands, he can apply pressure to your neck. Then it becomes more difficult to release. That's my opinion.

In this case, you can use another technique. You can raise your both hands up towards the sky, move you one leg to the side, and sit down pretty fast. It will work like magic. No matter how strong the attack is, he is not able to hold you anymore.

If the attacker grabs your waist without holding your hands, you can use the exact technique that shows in the video. I like it what he shows.

The attack can lift you up. To prevent that, make the distance between your legs and ground yourself properly. Then you can grab his hands and release his hands from your waist and lock his hand. Now you can attack him the way you want.

By the way, when the attacker grabs your waist, in this case, you can use the first technique in this video. Your hands are free, you can move to the side, grab the attacker's leg and make him fall to the ground.

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Fight SCIENCE

Thank you for reading this post and watching the video. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. I really appreciate your support and feedback.

Stay safe. Always be happy!


Thanks for sharing these helpful tips of self defence, really useful and appreciated.

Glad to know you found it useful. Thank you @oluwatobiloba for your feedback!

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This is really helpful! I'm getting excited to try being attacked (from the back) after watching the video :P

Trying to get attacked...Oh really! lol...
Thank you so much @korver for your feedback!

Lol. I'm not hoping to get attacked but I'm pretty stoked to apply cool things I learned here :)

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