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We imagine our life to be perfect and everything goes according to our plan. At least when you plan to do something, you think it would happen like this. But when it actually happens, you see it is not exactly what you thought before. Then you have to adjust to reality.

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There are two kinds of strategies you can see. Intended strategy and realized strategy. When you think if someone attacks you like this and you will block, then punch and kick the attacker. You think step by step what to do against the attack. Maybe you practice this way.

When you face a situation like this for real, you see it is not the same. You thought if the attacker punches you and you would block the punch and then you will punch him. But you see the attacker punches and kicks. And you block the punch but get hit by his kick. Or you defend both punch and kick, but then the attacker pushes you.

So what you thought you would do, that's your intended strategy. Now you have to take realized strategy. You see the attacker is very fast and he is good at punching and kicking. So you have to be careful. When he attacks you, observe his moves and counter-attack. You can use your surroundings in your favor.

In a fight for self defense, you may find that there are many things that are not in your favor. You have to think about what you can do in this situation to get out of there. If you are attacked from different directions, try to keep the attackers in front of you so that you can see them. It helps you to defend yourself better.

Try to minimize the damage. Meaning in case you get hit, try to do something so that you will not get hurt badly. You have to survive and get out of there. That's your main focus. Please drop your ego. It does not help in this situation. What's going on in your head, that matters. Your mindset is important and that affects your action when it comes to self defense.

Thank you so much for reading this post so far. If you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, please check out some of my recent posts. I'll keep sharing. So please stay tuned.

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