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When I checked the price of SPORTS today I was pretty happy to see that there is a huge buywall now 0.00215 Steem.

It shows there is interest about our tribe and we will see how we go from here.

As mentioned in another post I had put quite a bit of Steem into SPORTS and with that I have some vested interest for this tribe performing well financially.

I am up to 600k SPORTS now and I want to reach the magical 1 million number at some point but also working towards my goal of getting break even.

I am not certain with the numbers yet but I will do some kind of split with selling and powering up and also put some Steem to the side in case we dip a bit further.

I am also happy the price is stable around those levels as the payouts are not this crazy and the whole thing seems a bit more substainable and also the exploiters have less interest.

The people I had on my naughty list seem to behave better as well, there are some amazingly well written posts and overall I am pretty happy with the sports tribe so far.


Excuse my ignorance, is there a white paper or link anywhere that would give me a brief overview? I am a sports nut and this would be right up my alley. I think I've missed this because I rarely use the steemit interface anymore.

not that I know of...sry

I'm definitely a late comer to the sportstalk tribe. I can't believe I missed out on it at the beginning, I just didn't know it existed. Well I'm blogging hard to try and catch up, but it's definitely one of my favourite tribes and hope it does well for now and in the future.

Ive just started to get my first post payouts from using the #sportstalk tag and will be powering up 100% of it. I've always lived by the mor ryou give the more you get, so I'll be dishing out some nice upvotes soon.

Keep staking those token buddy, hope you get to that 1million soon.

better late than never.

Was wondering if steemsilvergold should form a tribe as well

We were a few clicks away from having our own token. At the last second there was a change of heart and the breaks were put on. It might happen again, I don't know.

It's a good tribe. The abusers came in a flurry but the price and some community action drums to have staved of the worse hopefully

I hope so

I am not certain with the numbers yet but I will do some kind of split with selling and powering up and also put some Steem to the side in case we dip a bit further.

I am actually stuck as I just bought 17800 sports at 0.00564 Steem/Sports nine days ago hoping to make profit hehehe.

The prices have been dipping since, so technically I am in a loss and also the post payouts have decreased drastically!!

I now regret why I bought Sports and not sold it at 0.007 hehehe.

bought a bit high as well but that is fine. Staked it all and use it curate etc

I do a week selling and a week power up. Haven't sold for a long time though. I have been trading, trying to gain from the fluctuations.

not a bad idea actually

Personally, I’ve been selling 10% of payouts and powering up the remaining 90%. I know jack shit about trading but it seemed inevitable that the token was overvalued in comparison to Steem and that a lot of users were in it to make a quick buck. I’ll probably give it a couple of weeks to see where the community sentiment sits before deciding whether to use those funds to buy back in

I think the price helped to get more exposore but alos brought the abusers.

Tribes in general are still young and probably need some time to find its real value

Definitely the case. More exposure and more spammers - getting tough to keep track now.

I had the feeling it got a bit better though

The sportsmod account has probably recovered 500k thus far.

Totally. I've been selling around half as the token is certainly over-valued. It's holding up well though around here, but i do expect to be able to pick these up cheaper at some point.

I am looking around 50/50 or so as well not sure yet

Still looking very strong isn't it? 000's waiting on the buy side, and if someone gets bored waiting... :)

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hope it will work out for all of us

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