Sports talk community is alive!

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Rarely when you start something you get immediate results, even small results take time. Not in Sports talk

I made a video yesterday and got some warm, kind and lovely feedback, and this is just the beginning.

My name is Nerio Parra, welcome to my blog.


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Just when I thought I wasn't going to post

If you follow me, you might have seen that before uploading my first video yesterday on Sports talk I posted that I wasn't able to upload the video.

Little challenges come just before you actually reach your goal. In this case, I kept trying and I was able to upload from youtube link so I had to upload there first which wasn't the plan.

What I didn't know was what could happen next.

Sports talk: Epic community

The video got more rewards than my usual posts, so people valued the effort and I have no words to describe the feeling and to thank you guys enough. More content incoming!!!

Just see it for yourself

I decided to jump in the community's discord channeland look how sweet of a welcome.

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-21 a la(s) 18.21.12.png

Little special things like this motivate you so much, you should try it someday. Spread the love.

Thanks for reading

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