Winners...And the other people

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It's the weekend y'all, and that means it's time for fun...Alright, full disclosure: I have some chores around the house to do also...So yeah, maybe it's not all about fun. Mostly though. More fun than chores!

I'll be at the range on Saturday morning competing. Usually I only shoot handguns at the range, preferring to shoot rifles at private properties and at greater distance than the range can offer me, however I'm going to have a crack at something else for a change and a bit of fun.

I'll be using the rifle in the top of this image, a straight-pull Warwick WFA1 in the .233 calibre. I've shot this rifle a lot, mostly for run and gun events that call for a lot of movement, running between shooting positions and speed. It's short and manoeuvrable and the action is very fast to cycle.

The event at the range tomorrow is mainly static though. A good chance to get some trigger time on the WFA1 though.

The event calls for accuracy and speed and this particular rifle provides the ability for both; Of course both elements also depend a lot on the shooter - Guns don't suddenly jump up and start shooting themselves you know. Never have. Out of all the rifles I have this one is most suited to the event tomorrow as all the other calibre's I have are too powerful - Overkill basically.

I spent a little time getting my kit ready, checking ammunition and generally ensuring I have all I need and then had a nice dinner with Faith - Fish and chips of course...They don't call it fish and chip Friday for nothing you know. It's our tradition, one only broken rarely.

I love weekends. They always seem full of promise, a couple of days where I pull the strings based on my own needs, and Faith's, rather than based around my week-day responsibilities like work.

I used to work every weekend for years and looking back now I don't know how I managed to do it for so long. I'd get to Monday and feel drained and ill-prepared for the week although I'd roll into it and do the best I could. I was a bit of a slave to my job that traditionally called for weekend work.

Our lives are far-better balanced these days, mainly due to those years of weekend work and the effort I put into my job back then and we manage to find reward in whatever we do; Yes, that even means the chores we do around the house. It's all life, and all has to be cherished and valued right? That's where the reward comes from right?

There's no reward at the event tomorrow, none that I know of anyway, but for me the enjoyment of hanging out with some mates, pulling triggers and talking shit is reward enough.

It's a little like life itself I think...There's not always a reward, there's no one to hand out prizes...There's still winners and losers though isn't there? Some see life itself as the prize and strive for it, focus on living the best version of it, designing and creating their ideal version; The winners...And then there's the other people.

I hope you all get after it this weekend and live the best version of it. Let the other people do what they will, but get out and own yours!

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default

Discord: @galenkp#9209 🇦🇺

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It has been too long that I have gone to the range but reading this made me put it on my calendar for some of the downtime I have coming. Enjoy the weekend my friend!

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It's been a while for me too..Umm, let me think...Erm...Yeah, 6 days! :)

Get to the range man, you deserve it.

Are you wearing your monocle tomorrow? :0)

Yes, that's the plan...Might not hit shit, but have to give it a test sometime. I have two, remember? Shooting tomorrow with the rifle and then will shoot some handguns next Saturday. Will be interesting to see how it goes huh?

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Yeah, two but it's fast more fun to imagine you ploughing through it all with a real monocle like a Victorian gentleman!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Well, I'll only wear the one tomorrow so monacle dreams really come true. That's the whole thing of it...One in my right eye, none in the left...I think my optometrist has a sense of humour. It's all experimental though so I'll do as I'm told and gather the intel. I have a suspicion that it won't work out. I'll not make any judgements until after I've shot some handguns next weekend as well. If it works happy days, if not...Back to the drawing board. 🧐

Fingers crossed for happy days!

Yeah, I'm hoping for the best.

Beautiful gun

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I will be getting after this weekend 😁

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Saw the off-roading you've been up to. Nice trails. Keep the shiny side up mate. :)