Deepa Malik has made great inspiration for every lame mans

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Indian president(Ram nath kovind) provided game Gems award of Deepa Malik .As a first women para-olmpices she has achieved game gems award first time . In 2016, she had won Reo -Paralimpixes on short pat F-53 categories . News paper provide leaflet this news . She took game gems award from precedent hand . She got 7.5 lak rupee as game gems winner. But other game gems winner Bojbong punia can not present this day . Next date , September 14-22 , kajakustan will organize world championship of Nur sultan. Now she is busy for preparation of Russia . After getting award ,Deepa malik said that I am very happy for this award by precedent . Deepa malik focused for lame mans . She has made great inspiration . Tomorrow Deepa want to make more inspiration for lame mans. After independence India has achieved first para olympic award .Really Deepa's achievement will make great inspiration for lame womens next .

Regards @simaroy

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He is amazingly able to get an award from a good intrinsic president

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