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As we await the return of the next football season, and as we all know, things on betscorum are kind of slow, in my usual cavalier but imaginative fashion, I got to thinking about what next to do with the scorum coins that I have been powering down for the 50scr for FIVE FASTEST FINGERS CONTEST I was running before the major football season ended.


So, a not so novel idea but new to the platform came to mind. This idea is simply geared towards bringing about some kind of excitement and fun to the platform. It is a way by which our interests in sports will be improved upon, our knowledge on sports will be tested and how smart and sharp we all can be.

It is going to be a little bit similar to the weekly 50scr for FIVE FASTEST FINGERS CONTEST which has been on hold. The little difference goes like this. The first user to answer five sets of questions gets 25SCR coins; the second user gets 15SCR coins while the third user gets 10SCR coins respectively.

So, loose your imaginations that has been tied to the fence, pick it up, tie it to your waist’s, and let’s do some sports QUIZZES, PUZZLES, RIDDLES and many more.



  1. Answer only 5 questions from the following sets of questions on the comment section.

  2. Upvote or upvotes on any of the entries attracts automatic disqualification.

  3. Entries already posted cannot be edited for whatever reason. Any later editing renders such entry disqualified.

  4. Answers to entries must be numbered accordingly.

  5. The first three entries signify that the contest is closed. However, related comments will get varying degrees of upvotes.

  6. For one to be crowned overall winner, he or she must answer all the questions correctly.

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  1. Which was the first sport in which women were invited to compete at the Olympics?

  2. Which country in the just concluded 2019 AfCON was the first to score the Desert foxes?

  3. En Passant is related to which game?

  4. What is the distance of a marathon race?

  5. Two silk worms were in a race. Who won?

  6. What sport has 4 letters, is played around the world and begins with a T?

  7. Which athlete shared jerseys on scorum and how many were shared?

  8. Who was the 15 year old that made waves in the just concluded Wimbledon Tennis tournament?

*** Your time starts now. Good luck***.


If this contest becomes successful and as the wheel of scorum’s fortune dictates, there is every chance that the amount of rewards will increase as well as number of winners from 3 to 5 and beyond.

Also, other users of the platform can contribute way of suggestions, sports quizzes, puzzles and general knowledge questions. Ideas and suggestions can be communicated to me via my Telegram channel @ (sponsors of questions and their answers cannot be participants).

Finally, selfless but generous whales can contribute to the reward pool to make Scorum’s Q & A TIME very interesting.

NB. This content is originally posted on my blog on scorum.

Thank you as usual for stopping by. Sincerely @izge.

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