ROUND 3 --_-- 35,000 SPORTS up for grabs ! ! ! --_--

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Hey SportsTalkers!

So our second week went through smoothly with no complications just the way we like it. No winner tho. Thank you all for showing your support by upvoting and buying tickets for the contest. For all newcomers please take a few moments and read the guidelines and you can join as well!

This MMA based contest is very simple, no worries, even if you don't follow MMA/UFC you still have the same chance of winning as everyone else. UFC events are hosted on a weekly basis and I'll basically pick 3 fights for you guys to put your prediction on. Whoever correctly guesses how these 3 fights end is the winner.




You can buy more than 1 ticket and give yourself a better chance of winning by making different predictions with each ticket.

Example 1 ticket:

Fighter A/Round 3, Fighter C/Round 1, Fighter E/Round 5

(Instead of "Fighter and letters" you'll put in their lastnames)

All tickets bought, and my post payouts as well become the prize pool.

30% of it will get burned at the end forever!

This is a progressive-jackpot with 35,000 SPORTS up for grabs!


UFC 242 - Sat, 7 Sep, 20:00


Khabib VS Dustin Poirier is a 5 round fight, others are 3 rounds.

Any tickets bought after Sat, 7 Sep, 20:00 will NOT be valid!

Send your predictions to @kid4life or @kid4life.sports

Good Luck All!

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for stopping by!



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My ticket

Khabib/round 5


Makhachev/round 2