50% BONUS GAME!!! First Goalscorer + Correct Score Comp. No 152: EPL Leicester v Man. City : 22nd February - 5000 + 6000 Tokens

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That was the result we wanted!! Derby drawing with Fulham gives Leeds a small cushion again in 2nd as we head into today's game against Reading which will leave us 5 points clear when we whack them! Just a little shout -out to the winners who correctly predicted both the result AND first goalscorer yesterday...ahh that would be me ;-) But three others got Rooney for the opening goal. Full details at the end.

And so on to today, and we take the big game of the day at 1730pm between Leicester and Man City.

@nathen007 's Prediction

I can't really see Leicester having what it takes to overcome a City team that's not even firing on all four at the moment so I'm going 1-3 in favour of Manchester City with Sterling popping up after his tough week to score the opener!


Simply write the name of the FIRST GOALSCORER and the CORRECT SCORE as a comment. Competition closes 5 minutes before kick-off of the first game which is 17.30 GMT

(I am now renaming this rule #bozz 's law !) In the first goalscorer competition, own goals do not count. In the correct score competition, it's the score after 90mins. Extra time and penalties do not count and the pot for each competition will roll-over if there is no winner. If more than one person chooses the same first goalscorer or correct score, the prize is shared and everyone gets a little upvote! It seems I also need to add, one entry per person. Don't forget the new rule that only people with a rep of 45 or above are eligible to enter unless they have been approved. The bonus will be added to any winnings ONLY if Leeds United win and/or Man U lose and all payouts will never exceed 50% of post payout. Other bonuses paid out at my discretion.

And the winners were...

Come on down @jmehta @joemark @serkagan who all got the first goalscorer, Rooney and share the 5000 pot which by my wonky maths is 2000 each!! Good luck today guys :-)

Marching On Together


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J. Vardy
Lei. 2 v Man. C 2

Tie 2 - 2
Ayose Perez

Leiscester 2 - 1
H. Barnes

Manch. City
2 - 1
Gabriel Jesus

1-3, Jesus

Manchester City 2-1 Leicester City
K. Debruyne

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Leicester 1 v 2 Man. City

Leicester - Man. City 2:2 Tielmans

J. Vardy

Leicester 2 : 1 City

  • Sergio Agüero
  • L CITY - 1 V MAN CITY - 3


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