Covid-19 Fucks Liverpool's Title Hopes

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I gather that if you speak German, are sensitive to anything Hitler, or have no idea about the English Premier League, this will likely not be very amusing to you.

For everyone else, worth a watch!






No chance... I will personally go and drop kick BOJO in the thames to make sure that travesty doesn't happen!

We kicked everyone's assess left right and center!

Fckn bluenose twats indeed, colluding with China again!!!

Grrrrrr angry scouser says nooooo 😤😡

And that bird was looking forward so much to that perch.


As you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of Liverpool and would be highly amused if they weren't crowned champions this year (Even though they deserve it and likely will be!)

Tbh I’m a “Red” but not a Scouser. They deserve the title and I both loathe saying that and loathe how they will be smug over it.

But there’s one thing they should understand... that perch is still ours. They will need to get to 21 first, not 19, to get that perch back. It’s that simple.

Manchester Red here too.

And yeah, I'm quick to throw the totals card out too :)

Worth it!!

Genius :D

Surely they'll just take a snap shot of where everyone was a couple of weeks ago, or just base it that plus however many matches can be played in summer, if any.

I mean we were pretty close to the end of the season, after all!

Probably, yes, but I wouldn't be so disappointed if this year was declared null and void!

Bwahaha! :)

:D :D

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