As COVID-19 takes a "worldtour", the game of football witnesses a lockdown?

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Screenshot_20200314-083822.jpgThe Coronavirus epidemic seems to be on a "worldtour" after first being reported in China a virus many hoped will be contained there.
China even built a thousand bed hospital in 8 days all in bid to provide the necessary care and support to help curb the virus. But, I guess their plans didn't quite contain it.

Today, it is no longer news that, COVID-19 is now a global epidemic that is now putting the entire globe on a state of emergency.


The sporting world is hard hit.

The game of sports is one where individuals who are involved in a tournament get to come in very close contact (while battling for the ball) thereby exchanging sweats, saliva, etc.

There has been no fewer than a dozen players and coaches confirmed to have tested positive for the virus and more are still being identified.

The spread of the virus has led to the cancellation of various tournaments until such time when a cure or preventive measures can be gotten.
Will these cancellation spelling doom for the clubs finances?

No game, no revenue?

Football tournament is all about the matches that are held and the number of tickets sold and with these cancellations, there definitely will not be a game to be played and no one will be buying tickets.

It is reported that 117 matches have been directly affected leaving 541 unaffected yet. If the epidemic continues, we may be hearing of more cancellations.

The UEFA's 55 member association is said to be meeting next Tuesday to discuss ways forward and how to contribute to the fight against the virus which is destabilizing the game.

No game, no revenue?

Apart from the tournaments being canceled, there is also the issue of the stocks of these clubs being bled to red in the stock markets as COVID-19 seems to be taking its toll on everything.

Below is some screenshots from the stock market closing day position of Juventus Football Club, Manchester United, AFC Ajax and Borrusia Dortmund.




The clamp down is not just on football or soccer but on everything global as schools, shopping malls and entertainment centers are being shut down indefinitely.

What next for the big games?

There are no actual date for when these games will resume because their resumption is tied to the ability of the world to curb the spread of the virus and if that is not soon, we may just be entering the worse financial meltdown in the history of the world.

Is there a particular part of the world where the virus hasn't been reported yet?
Despite the restrictions of flights, closure of borders and starting indoors, many are still being taken down.

I hope for a quick response to tackle this epidemic as it isn't just funny seeing the world in a lockdown?

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