Cricket Ashes 4th Test Day 3 Experiment: rebroadcast of BBC Radio Test Match Special commentary

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This is so I can listen to this in my car without using the YouTube app.

Let me know if it works for you! streaming

The overseas feed on YouTube is here

cricket test.png


yes it does, is this live? cool!

Yes! I think there's a little delay but that mostly comes from the BBC putting it on YouTube.

I’m guessing the YouTube feed is geoblocked in Australia?

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no utube works here for me also. Was impressed as i didn't know 3speak had live streaming

It's expirimental but it works. @threespeak has great plans. I've even managed to stream from my drone to it.

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@brianoflondon, I tried to watch it but it's crashing for me, may be i am facing the Technical issues. Ashes is one of the history making test matches because of it's history.

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It's rock solid on my iPhone with the screen off and audio playing in the background which is exactly what I'm doing it for. Perhaps try a different browser or machine, interested to know how well this works for others.

Will try.

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