Sporting Pundits Are Delusional

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Boring as hell and now he is a commentator who comes across as arrogant and one sided.

I have been watching bits and pieces of the New Zealand vs England cricket test being played in New Zealand.The coverage each day starts off with a panel of "experts" giving there take on what they see. This should be interesting and informative if they know what they are talking about. The "experts" are made up of ex players who should know a thing or two about the game. I just think they should at least choose someone who at least has a personality.

What got my goat going was one of them is a guy called Rob Keys who was never a top player, but more of a journeyman in the county circuit. He represented England a few times but was never quite good enough to cement his spot. He has a big mouth though and it tends to run away spilling loads of garbage. If someone didn't know cricket they would think England were the best team in the world and just needed to turn up to beat everyone.

On the start of day 2 he mentioned that he expected England to put New Zealand to the sword as he didn't rate the New Zealand team and was looking forward to seeing England post a 600 plus score. Knowing England I thought that was highly unlikely and have seen them collapse and fold like a pack of cards more times than not.

England true to form collapsed and were all out for 353 and that didn't deter Rob keys as he now expected the England bowling attack to hammer New Zealand which obviously they didn't as they posted a score nearly double that of England's score. In the early hours of this morning New Zealand went on to humiliate an England team winning by an innings as they didn't need to bat again.

All I can say is thank god he wasn't part of the commentary team as he does put me off with his stupid thoughts and comments. He comes across as arrogant and clueless and most likely is lacking a regular brain. I think it is expectations like this that make people believe that their team is so bloody brilliant. The match coverage in New Zealand was brilliant with the team commentating in New Zealand and possibly they should scrap the studio build up in England and just go straight to the ground where the real experts were. These guys could entertain you for days with the stories they had.

Another example was the Sheffield United game versus Manchester United yesterday which was a low quality shocker for 70 minutes of the game. When the cameras crossed back to the studio at the end of the match the host raved about the match and you would have thought Manchester United were unlucky not to win. Having watched the match Manchester United were lucky to draw and only 5 minutes of madness allowed them back into the game.

I think TV broadcasters have a duty to get the right people in to the studios to give an unbiased coverage of the game with some interesting insight. That would be refreshing and having a one sided coverage is not healthy for increasing viewership.

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This doesn't happen only in Crickets really, some pundits are coaches or managers who never really did well on managerial duties but they turned out to be pundits who go on to criticise others really which for me is really bad. Gary Neville was one of them and he nearly ran into trouble I don't think they will ever be logical in their Pundit duties.

I often find myself watching sporting events with the volume either off or turned way down because I can't stand listening to the commentators. Many times they have such bias for a certain team that it is somewhat unwatchable.

I actually wish they would just make it a feature that you could switch the commentary off but keep the stadium background. I often find myself wanting to turn the volume down to avoid shity commentators but at that same time you lose some of the atmosphere when you can't here the crowd

I used to turn down the volume on the television and listen to the radio depending who was commentating. Your test match live radio is excellent and I don't know if Blowfield still commentates or not but used to find it different and entertaining.

I often do the same! The good thing is now that you can pause both live TV and radio you can get it so it's in sync as I always used to find the radio coverage was 3 or 4 seconds ahead.

Blowers retired a few years back but I went to see him do his one-man show last year when he was at a theatre not far from me. So many great stories to tell about his life, the TMS team and the game of cricket.

nice bro

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