politics in cricket and other sports

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sports is enjoyable thing. you are football fan or cricket fan it does not matter but politics and fight is everywhere which is not good thing. we have some percent people who are love to do politics and fight and spread hates but in this type of situation what you do ?

The most important thing never believe on rumor because rumor is most powerful tool of the people who want spread hate between two teams fans. We love sports and blindly believe in some player or team that does not mean that we insult other players and team

Because this is is just game and sports so we do not need to take it seriously instead of leaving it. every team is good and every player is good on their place. So this is just game so enjoy and share fun not hate.

some people take this things seriously and start fighting so my todays post specially i created for them . i hope you will get some inspiration from this pst.

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