Virat kohli said ipl platform is much better for worldcup preparation

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Guys t20 world cup preparation is ongoing and one by one every player giving statement about it and giving opinion and recently virat kohli said about it. And he said absolutely correct.

IPL give players much better preparation with entertainment. player can easily prepare himself for any big series like world cup or international series of t20.

Ipl has 20 overs match and t20 world cup also has same over so player can easily prepare himself with this format because both platform has same over system.

So seeing this virat kohli told that ipl is best option to prepare t20 worldcup and it is truth. oneday and t20 formats are totally different and preparations are also different so this is what virat kohli want to say.

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So much opportunities for indian players specially batsman which are grooming from grass root level and prove themselve world class crickter. Virat kohli is a solid example of this Era. He said right that IPL and such other events are solid way to prepare them well for world cup.

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