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RE: Should We Power Up In Various Tribes Or Steem? Or Both?

in #ctp2 years ago

My approach (so far) has been to look at the various tribes and be pretty strict about only staking those I feel are interesting and/or relevant to my typical writing and content creation habits. Just because I get "some free tokens" in an airdrop doesn't mean that's automatically useful to me. I also don't think I can realistically expect to put in worthwhile effort towards more than maybe five tribes, tops...

I don't like being spread too thin... and I prefer a focus of sorts. Already today I ran across the first post I have seen where ALL 10 tag slots were simply different tribe names... meaning that the tags no longer did ANYthing to tell me what the post was about. That pretty much is counterproductive to effective content discovery.

Mind you, I am more of a "content creator" than a "money maker," in my approach.


Great points. Yeah I see the ability to stake on all these airdropped coins more and more...However if I'm not going to create content, I do the see the value in staking for curation...

For example, Splinterlands....I'm more than likely never going to create on the platform, but I purchased and staked SPT because lots of people in my community and around Steem create there all the time.

So I'll stake for the sake of curation as well :)