How to make money from social media

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In this article, I will be covering how you can make money online by using social media with a well explained guide.
Let get it started.
Create templates for Facebook Fan Pages : Many companies need to advertise themselves and Facebook Fan Pages are one phenomenal place to do it. You can either play with the Facebook fan page instructions, or you can grab Facebook templates to make your job easier. In order for you to make money with Facebook Fan Pages,
here are some steps you can take:
(1). Create a Facebook Fan Page for a business in your area.
(2). Email them and show them what you’ve created.
(3). Let them know they can buy it if interested.
Flip the site. How much money can I make? You can reasonably expect $200 – $500 per site, and you may also want to charge a monthly maintenance fee.
Submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf : Because there are so many websites online, it can be very difficult for webmasters to get their sites noticed and stay competitive. In order to attract more visitors and build traffic for their site, website owners sometimes decide to submit their websites to Social Bookmarking sites.
Instead of doing it themselves, they often opt to hire service providers for a small fee, to submit their website links on various Social Bookmarking sites. In order to submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf, here are some steps you can take:  Collect a list of quality Social Bookmarking sites which active members. You can do this by googling “popular social bookmarking sites”.  Decide on a fee structure and create a way to collect payment.  Try to find as many customers as possible. Start advertising your book on social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods.  Get the website links submitted on time. Provide clients with reports on the number of sites you submitted and the links you have created for the customer from time to time How much can I make out with social bookmarking?  You can make earn between $10 per each set of 100 Social bookmarks, and slowly increase the rate you charge based on your expertise.

  • 태그 작성 가이드라인 준수는 콘텐츠 관리와 글에 대한 접근성을 높이기 위해 반드시 필요한 절차입니다. ( It is an essential step to adhere tags guideline, manage content and make access better to your postings.)

  • 스팀코인판에서 활용 가능한 태그는 크게 [보상태그 / 언어태그/ 주제태그]로 구분할 수 있습니다. 보상태그와 언어태그는 필수입니다.(Tags that can be largely grouped into [Main Community / Language / Topic] in community. The language and topic tags are required.)

(예) 한국어로 작성한 자유 주제 포스팅((E.g) Posting for free topic in English)


  • 태그 작성 가이드라인을 준수하는 것이 태그 사용을 규제하는 정책보다 스팀코인판의 가치를 높이는 길이라고 생각합니다.(We believe that adhering tags guideline is a way to increase the value of SteemCoinpan community than that of forcing tags limitations.)


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