Should We Power Up In Various Tribes Or Steem? Or Both?

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So it's no secret...The birth of Steem-Engine's tribes has been a roaring success for the Steemians that have been dreaming of SMT's since day one!

I know in my journey, it's exactly what I've been waiting for...The ability to combine by two passions and bring it to that blockchain!

I had a fantastic question asked tonight by one of my most valued customers over the years and a brand new Steemian @RussellStockley

He asked....

Question: is staking CTP just as effective as staking steem ??

This is such an important question and I'm going to do my best to give you what I do and how I manage my Steem / Tribe tokens...

First, I'm a huge believer in the Steem blockchain. And with that, I know the potential that Steem Power has on all our journeys. Heck there was a 'gut check' post done yesterday by @Stackin that showed us how affordable it is to become 'Minnow Status' on the Steem blockchain with these cheap prices. (Minnow status is any account over 500 Steem Power)

So yes, I think we should all get as much Steem Power as we can get...Especially if you have a long term vision of this entire blockchain and it's various projects.

Now...When it comes to specific tribes, I power up in them as well.

But right now there are hundreds of projects using the Steem-Engine platform, so powering up in all of them would be a nightmare...Logistically.

However I do power up in the Tribes I believe in and want to contribute to.

I'm a huge fan of @Steem.Leo @ReggaeSteem @SportsTalkSocial @Splintertalk and a few others. So I stake (or Power Up) in those individual tribes.

And obviously, I'm working full time on the @ClickTrackProfit tribe and developing the condenser. But I'm taking that out of the equation in this example, simply because I want to focus on the tribes I have no 'ownership or management' stake in...

Here's my game plan for let's say....The @SportsTalkSocial project.

I produce 'Sports' content every week. You should check it out ;)

This is a tribe I believe has the power and potential to branch outside of the 'blockchain' space and attract some amazing content creators. Sports is BIG business and the more awareness this token creates, the more creators it can attract. So I not only power up from the curation and rewards I get...I have purchased quite a bit of SPORTS as well.


(I just bought 10k SPORTS during this post and powered it up....LOL)

So there's an example of 'staking'...In a project I believe in!

And that goes for multiple projects on Steem-Engine...There is a lot of potential being built here every day :)

So to answer the question Russell asked...

I do both!

I believe in STEEM, more than ever these days...And see what is being built here. Real community. Real potential!

But I also believe in some of these amazing project and tribes forming on Steem-Engine as well.

So for me, it's powering up in both....Steem and the Tribes I believe in!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :


This is what I'm doing currently:

When I'm dropped a new token, I try to decide my level of interest and the level of potential popularity/success of the tribe.

If both are low, I usually sell it and move on. On a couple, I have not and now wish I did. I just don't have enough time or attention to fool with them. If you stake them and decide to get rid of them later, it can be a pain and take a long time to get out!

If one of those things is high and one low, I stake and kind of forget about it.

If both are high, I stake AND actively curate.

In the ones that i have a very high interest I plan on staking, curating, creating, and investing funds.

One of my highest interests is investing, so I have actually stopped powering up STEEM temporarily to throw some funds at LEO. Ironically, it probably makes more investing sense to stay with the base token (if STEEM dies I don't think any tribe will make it), but I gotta go with the passion.

All in all, none of it really matters. None of them cost me a dime initially anyhow :-)

Oh yeah. I did stake and do curate (well...some) CTP ;-)

ha ha ha very nice :) thank you for the belief in CTP!!

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I love Steem. You know that.

I'm no where near so happy with Steemit Inc, but that isn't the point. Or maybe it is. I have a strategy similar to yours. Pick the tribes I want to support and stake their coins. In the case of PAL, I also buy when I can.

Speaking of buy, I wish I had some 'non essential to life' money right this instant. I'd be buying all the Steem I could. But I'm so broke I can't pay attention right now so it's a slow go.

Thanks for addressing what could be problematic for some. It's important.

For sure man....Yeah I've been still dollar cost averaging into STEEM, but it's tough at these prices to not dive in fully LOL

Would love to see you back around CTP man. Things have changed big time and I think you would love it!

Steem is the basis for everything that happens on the chain. I'm powering up on pal and sports as well but neither of them has the same utility as steem will in the future.

I think that they can be a big opportunity in their own right in the future as people join the tribes rather than through steemit but at the end of the day any profit made will be through steem. It is what you need to operate on here and what all the tokens are traded against.

Future users might only earn fractions of steem and lots of engine tokens but the profit will be made by the steem holders. The other tokens will be more about utility than making money. Good for using the tribes and getting their benifits but will be traded back to steem if they want to spend it.

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I like how you're thinking.

Future users might only earn fractions of steem and lots of engine tokens but the profit will be made by the steem holders.

In the future, regular users might earn no STEEM at all. Only buy it.

Maybe. Depends on how many users we have. All I know is that I will be here to see it. Who knows what will be here in 5 years time.

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It'll be interesting to see what the future brings. But I agree, Steem is the backbone to all this. And that's why I will always power up in Steem!

I hit my SP target for the year so now I will try to build up my steemmonsters deck even more and keep adding SP. I won't be selling any STEEM until we hit at least $5. Even then I won't touch my sp as that is the basis of everything going forward. Just keep powering up and growing.The more people that we can get into that mindset the better the price will be.

Urgh, the Steemmonsters stuff kills me...I feel like I missed out and have no idea how to catch up....That's why I'm just staking SPT lolol

It is what you need to operate on here and what all the tokens are traded against.

This might hold no truth in the future.

Maybe not to trade against but you will still need SP or RC to do anything on here and with RC delegation coming in next it will be good to power up now while it's cheap. I never though I would get the chance to get to this level so it's great to do it while the prices are shit. I'm planning long term on here and don't worry about the price now.

need SP or RC

It really might not be the case for the end user. Actually, I hope it won't be and I'm actively working towards that goal. Don't worry, though! SP and RC will still be crucial to everyone doing actual business in this blockchain, so if anything, your SP should be even more valuable when that time comes.

My approach (so far) has been to look at the various tribes and be pretty strict about only staking those I feel are interesting and/or relevant to my typical writing and content creation habits. Just because I get "some free tokens" in an airdrop doesn't mean that's automatically useful to me. I also don't think I can realistically expect to put in worthwhile effort towards more than maybe five tribes, tops...

I don't like being spread too thin... and I prefer a focus of sorts. Already today I ran across the first post I have seen where ALL 10 tag slots were simply different tribe names... meaning that the tags no longer did ANYthing to tell me what the post was about. That pretty much is counterproductive to effective content discovery.

Mind you, I am more of a "content creator" than a "money maker," in my approach.

Great points. Yeah I see the ability to stake on all these airdropped coins more and more...However if I'm not going to create content, I do the see the value in staking for curation...

For example, Splinterlands....I'm more than likely never going to create on the platform, but I purchased and staked SPT because lots of people in my community and around Steem create there all the time.

So I'll stake for the sake of curation as well :)

Definitely power up those tokens .
1 ) They give you a greater chance of being heard in that community.
2 ) You should be supporting the community you are in and helping it to grow.
So find the community that best suits the niece you are interested in and start Staking those tokens.
Great post @jongolson.
Have an awesome day!

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thanks man. and i agree completely:)

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I currently am staking all the tokens I receive in airdrops. I will keep them staked for a while and determine later which ones to sell. I have been adding to the ones I use the tags for on my posts. The other ones I'm tracking my curation earnings. If I'm earning from curation then that means I'm supporting people I follow.

that’s a really good game plan. it seems to be working for sure

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Thank you for this post, Jon! Really helpful for a newbie like me. ^_^

awesome to hear that. and thank you so much for all your hard work with ctp!!

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Absolutely, power them up. I've been posting under several of the front ends and finally started my own NATRL. It's extremely exiting!

Love that you've launched CTP as well. I'll be visiting it often, as I'm putting a ton of time onto managing the marketing, quality of content for our niche and the token. I'm sooo, so, stoked about Steem and it's future.

I think steem-engine has ignited the Steem under Steem Inc's ass around SMT's.

oh awesome man. i saw that project and poked around a bit!

and yup. i completely agree. this is what steem was meant to be!!

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I think buying both is a good idea. You do not need very many tribe tokens to get a decent amount of influence. For example i think you are already a "whale" in CTP if you have 300 CTP staked.
And Steem will probably be much harder to earn in the future so buying now should be a good idea!

I am not sure it would be that low. Many have 1000 even 2000 and top 20 more than that

yeah i think the idea of less steem to be earned and more project tokens can be the future. so i’m stocking up :)

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I'm slowly climbing to Minnow status. I know it's a marathon, slow and steady.
I stake CTP and Steem as often as I can. I also stake in the tribes I'm active in. It only makes sense to do that. I see no value in staking every crap free token I get thrown my way.

Yeah, I'll stake stuff for potential curation rewards...But I'm not going to focus on every project out there....It's just too much lol But I'm always looking for the next big one ;)

Thanks for the post Jon , what you say makes great sense and is good advice for directions to take, I am coming to terms with Steem and what it has to offer, and will be looking closely at subjects/tribes that interest me and put some power into those as well

Great stuff :)

Holy Cow! They will just let anybody in this place! And that's part of the beauty. I'm really glad to see you my friend.

they are coming man. slowly;)

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Hi Tom, I know right, all sorts of miscreants are present :)

awesome to hear man. glad you got value from it.

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Way to go man, big ups. The way I see it, I'm powering those I know I will always want to power up because I feel part of, and its hard to not feel part of a bunch.

Agreed. The sense of community is going to be huge...If tribe members feel a part of the community, they will support it every step of the way!

For me STEEM comes first.

Tribe or community tokens, whether SCOT or SMT have and will have value, but in a different way than STEEM. And I appreciate them too. Currently, rewards on some S-E tokens are pretty impressive compared to STEEM rewards, but I'd say the more mature a tribe will get, the more this will stabilize, and not through the roof. Won't stake all these tokens, but I do some for creating content, others for curating as well.

yeah it’s a mix for me when it comes to tribes. some for the curation and some for the content.

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Thank you for this advice. I will also do both.

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Awesome to hear. I just think it makes sense...Steem Power is still the best value on any blockchain I believe...And the various tribes have huge upsides!

I stake up my #Jahm Power, too.... but, maybe it's gettin'
too much tribes in tough Steem times...and the results speak
for itself...
And then dealing with this when i want to power up:
Did you ever get this on blocktrades?

The cream will rise to the top. I think the more passionate a community is, the more long term potential it has...

Nah, never seen that at blocktrades? That's odd...

I agree, and think the marketing outside Steemit is Key for Steemit
and all the Tribes.
Thanks for that "odd" Info, i think i will try again or try to find
someone from blocktrades on discord...
You see, it's stuff like that.... i think you can sum it up in
"user friendly"... Steemit is the opposite of that.
Since i joined last year i had to solve all the problems myself
that found me, even though i wrote blogs about it....
And some are not solved until this day.
You think the mass will go through all this? No!
Until today e.g. i can't use Dtube or Dsound with Mozilla...
Only works with Opera...
Or even worse... only works with googles chrome.
Just one example!
That's why #Steemit should get "solid" first.
BTC is a better example these days for crypto stability.

Yeah and I think lots of powers that be on the blockchain are working towards that. Steemit is in a very unique position, as the largest stake...It's a rock and a hard place. Would love to see the sale and powerdown of STEEM stop...But I'm just a cog in the wheel here lOL I just try to create and promote :)

Ok if we power up both and Steem and some tribes but then it will take much time to curate content at tribes and at Steem.
And that's why I have question do you know maybe service or somebody to whom I can delegate my tokwns(SP) to get passive income for that?

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There's some fantastic posts about the ability to power up and focus on individual tribes...I personally, have trouble keeping up with the few accounts I have no...Setting up a new account for each tribe scares me...But it's a great way to manage each :)

As for delegation, plenty of great options...I myself am a big fan of @SteemBasicIncome but it's more hands on, no passive....Maybe something like @dlease would be perfect

You have just said it all. Looking at the new steem and the introduction of many tribes, powering all them up might not be the option. I believe we should just pick the ones we Feel goes with out heart and power up.
Steem to the moon

Agreed...And it's a lot less confusing too for me at least LOL I just focus on what I know and where I think I can contribute the most.

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Great advice @jongolson having to many tokens from air drops that you are not interested in can be confusing. I have sold most of the tokens that I am not interested in and have bought ctp miners and tokens, sportstalk , gg, epic, steem leo,palnet , jahl, and a few more. Also still working on building up my steem somewhere around 675 steem now and by the end of the year I want to be at 1,000 steem power. So for the rest of the year it is earn stake, buy and stake as much as I can.

Right now is a great time to get some more Steem. Priced just right for us :)

You invest base on your own interest and then the money will follow.

Completely agree man!!

there is one caveat I'd suggest for new Steemians... get yourself to Minnow level before you consider buying any tokens. You need the RCs to function with so powerup any liquid Steem and shoot for Minnow.

Had a guy in Pimp Your Post Thursday not long ago who said he was having issues with not enough RCs. I took a look at his account, saw he wasn't earning badly but his SP wasn't very high.

I asked him about it as I thought maybe he was cashing out consistently. He wasn't cashing out, he was using all his liquid Steem to buy tokens. I delegated him some SP and cautioned him to build his Steem account first... then buy tokens.

Learn more about SHADE here

Join the fun promoting your post at Pimp Your Post Thursday. Win SHADE or SBI, make friends. Every Thursday in The Ramble

That does get lost in the confusion....And another reason why I think people are wary of blockchain...They don't understand it all and how the RC's are needed here.

Great points! Every time I get into that Wallet, I see more opportunities to stake but have only done a handful; I think since I really am just holding them all, I might as well stake them as the next great project may already be here like CTP!

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Appreciate that man, thanks for the support and kind words. Slow and steady has always been my game plan...So we've got CTP on a 5 year plan for where we wanna see it, both on the platform itself and the blockchain.

Great advice @jongolson, there are so many tribes that we don't really know which ones will make it, so just go for the ones you beleive in and have a personal interest in and stake as much as you can across the board, and especially the ones that you really like, Steem as well as Tokens, that's what I do.

Yeah there have been a few that I thought would take off and never did, or havent yet...You just never know :)


Greetings friend @jongolson.

Undoubtedly if we are in steemit it is because we believe and trust in the blockchain of steem. Many abandoned when steem lost value last year, but I think we are the majority who stay.

With the birth of steem-engine and the new tribes we now have a new way to continue growing within our favorite blockchain.

It will always be necessary to increase our steemit SP, I think that is where we should place the strength of our investment. But when we increase our stake in any tribe, we are also supporting blockchain steem. Then we all win.

The question is: what will be the best tribe where to place my stake?

With these analyzes that you have brought us we can have a correct vision. Similarly if we later decide to remove the stake from one of these tribes, we must remember that the recovery period is 8 weeks. Evidently less than the 13 weeks of steemit.

All best, Piotr.

Funny you mention that....I was asking around yesterday in my Discord...What was the best investments on Steem-Engine. People had their own personal favorites for sure....So many choices :)

Nice write up dear @jongolson, it's really an eye openner 👌👌👌

Thanks very much :)

When I get a new kind of token, I look at it to see if it's a good project. I also check if the max amount of tokens makes sense. If it's a project I'm not interested in, I sell. If the max amount of tokens is crazy, I also sell. All the rest I power up if possible.

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Power up in the best

Thanks for putting this out, and thanks to @RussellStockley for bringing this up to you Jon. As this way I well all can read this information, really happy I am around steem now... And wow I finaly can start vote as in give when upvote!! Keep up the great work, I am in, and here I STAY! Period!

Man looking in my steem-engine wallet sometimes I’m like WTF is this? I haven’t sold any tokens yet as I understand what it does to the price of their tokens , I’ve put in maybe 1 sell order for dporn that I bought as I feel it’s an insane project ! Just what this crazy world needs. As time goes on though I’ll be selling a few of them tough and bulking down. I shall get on my first CTP post this week :)

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Thanks for that explanation Jon. It`s like learning a new language and your articles really help.

Thanks for this, @jongolson ... I'm just a few days into my CTP / Steem experience and so far have focused mainly on CTP tokens (approaching my first 500 including mining and staked tokens). That will still be my main focus but I will start staking Steem tokens as they come my way from now on.