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RE: Should We Power Up In Various Tribes Or Steem? Or Both?

in #ctp2 years ago

I stake up my #Jahm Power, too.... but, maybe it's gettin'
too much tribes in tough Steem times...and the results speak
for itself...
And then dealing with this when i want to power up:
Did you ever get this on blocktrades?


The cream will rise to the top. I think the more passionate a community is, the more long term potential it has...

Nah, never seen that at blocktrades? That's odd...

I agree, and think the marketing outside Steemit is Key for Steemit
and all the Tribes.
Thanks for that "odd" Info, i think i will try again or try to find
someone from blocktrades on discord...
You see, it's stuff like that.... i think you can sum it up in
"user friendly"... Steemit is the opposite of that.
Since i joined last year i had to solve all the problems myself
that found me, even though i wrote blogs about it....
And some are not solved until this day.
You think the mass will go through all this? No!
Until today e.g. i can't use Dtube or Dsound with Mozilla...
Only works with Opera...
Or even worse... only works with googles chrome.
Just one example!
That's why #Steemit should get "solid" first.
BTC is a better example these days for crypto stability.

Yeah and I think lots of powers that be on the blockchain are working towards that. Steemit is in a very unique position, as the largest stake...It's a rock and a hard place. Would love to see the sale and powerdown of STEEM stop...But I'm just a cog in the wheel here lOL I just try to create and promote :)