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RE: Should We Power Up In Various Tribes Or Steem? Or Both?

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there is one caveat I'd suggest for new Steemians... get yourself to Minnow level before you consider buying any tokens. You need the RCs to function with so powerup any liquid Steem and shoot for Minnow.

Had a guy in Pimp Your Post Thursday not long ago who said he was having issues with not enough RCs. I took a look at his account, saw he wasn't earning badly but his SP wasn't very high.

I asked him about it as I thought maybe he was cashing out consistently. He wasn't cashing out, he was using all his liquid Steem to buy tokens. I delegated him some SP and cautioned him to build his Steem account first... then buy tokens.

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That does get lost in the confusion....And another reason why I think people are wary of blockchain...They don't understand it all and how the RC's are needed here.