Championship: West Bromwich Albion V Preston North - (26/02/20)

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West Bromwich Albion are determined to return to the Premier League this season and they are doing very well. Coach Slaven Bilic and his players are doing well, with the club sitting at the top of the table with 66 points, 4 points adrift the 2nd placed team, and 9 points away from the 3rd position.

Obviously after 2 seasons playing in the Championship, this team has learned quite a lot, so it's does look certain that they are preparing for the Premier league return. So what West Bromwich Albion needs to do at the moment is to maintain the current form, and with an advantage of playing Preston at home in this round, it's likely they will get all maximum points.

West Bromwich Albion to win @ Odd 1.568

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