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It has been only less than two years since I joined a community called Steemit. However, I am a blogger with almost 10 years of experience, writing my daily life and scientific articles, marketing my business online, and monetizing the blogs and homepages in a variety of ways. In the last few years, blogging has successfully sustained my life with three kids.

So, why do you keep blogging? An honest and simple answer might be profit. The more traffic, the more profit. This is the king of the rules governing the world of the internet. The next stronger rule might be the more users, the more profit. Therefore, most bloggers in the world always think about how to attract more traffic to their content in order to make more value with their content.

What is

Now, on Steem blockchain, we have a lot of users from the globe, which already satisfies one of the rules mentioned above. In addition, by a lot of users writing a daily blog, we have the chance to make great content which brings huge traffic. That is what we already have. The problem is we have failed to make values with what we already have and we have failed to return the profit from the value to the participants, the bloggers. has two important missions. First, to make value with the content that the users create. Second, to return the profit generated by the content to the content creators, the bloggers. Therefore, will be a new community where bloggers make value together and the profit from the value is given to the bloggers.

Here is the link:

PoT and PoS

How could we do that? We introduce a new concept of Proof of Traffic. Of course, is based on Proof of Brain just like any other SCOTBOT. On top of PoB, wants to reward the posts which attract the most traffic on a daily basis. The traffic data will be analyzed with Google Analytics, and the top three posts that attract most traffic will be upvoted by @dblogger every day. Therefore, the account @dblogger will try to stake just enough DBLOG token to lift the three posts on the trending and will upvote only 3 times a day. will also enable Proof of Stake, which takes up 40 percent of the reward pool. Only by staking DBLOG on your account, you will be able to get DBLOG token. And the profit generated by the value of the content will be returned to the bloggers according to their DBLOG stakes. (We need to discuss how the profit will be paid in the future.)

This is the basic concept.

DBLOG Token & Initial Distribution

To curate the content shown on we have created a Smart Contract Organizational Token (SCOT) called DBLOG. DBLOG tokens will be rewarded to posts within the #dblog tag. Each post will have a 4 day period where users can vote on its value. After 7 days, the author will get 60 percent of the resulting value, and the curators will get 30 percent. The rest 10 percents will be paid to the beneficiary account, @dblog.bene, then it will be used for the operation.

There is no airdrop and pre-sale of DBLOG. There are currently 3.5M DBLOG in circulation with a maximum supply of 1B. 1M DBLOG will be given the team for the operation and never be sold. 2.5M DBLOG will be sold on the market at the price of 0.01 STEEMP per token for a week after the launch of After a week of the token sale, the leftover tokens will all be burned by sending them to @null. Then the PoS for DBLOG will be activated.

Since all the staked holders of DBLOG will mine 40 percent of the reward pool by PoS, there will be no miner on DBLOG will be the only one token on

Initial Applied SCOTBOT Settings

author_curve_exponent: 1
author_reward_percentage: 60
beneficiaries_account: dblog.bene
beneficiaries_reward_percentage: 10
cashout_window_days: 7
curation_curve_exponent: 0.5
downvote_power_consumption: 1000
downvote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
enable_account_muting: false
issue_token: false
json_metadata_key: tags
json_metadata_value: dblog
miner_tokens: {}
mining_pool_claim_number: 0
mining_pool_claims_per_year: 0
n_daily_posts_muted_accounts: 0
other_pool_accounts: {}
other_pool_percentage: 0
other_pool_send_token_per_year: 0
pob_pool_percentage: 100
posm_pool_percentage: 0
reduction_every_n_block: 10512000
reduction_percentage: 5
rewards_token: 5
rewards_token_every_n_block: 5
staking_pool_claim_number: 0
staking_pool_claims_per_year: 0
staking_pool_percentage: 0
token: DBLOG
token_account: dblogger
vote_power_consumption: 200
vote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
vote_window_days: 4

These settings will definitely change in the future, just like I said PoS will be activated 7 days later. And there are rooms for minor changes in the settings. You will want to follow @dblogger and me to be sure you're aware of any future changes.

All Topics Are Welcomed!

Since is a community for all bloggers, there is no limitation on the topic acceptable. All topics are welcomed. There will many more updates coming in future posts, including the community guidelines. If you have any suggestions please let me know! I hope to make a place where the bloggers really get rewarded for their effort and time.

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Yes, I think it is very interesting, as a start today I bought and stake 1000 dblog.

Thanks for being part of the community. Let's make this community greater together.:D

It's actually an interesting idea. Steemit and all tribe tokens right now are pretty much just a search for a format that can work. The fact that Steemit removed the views counter a long time back said a lot about the platform. The problem dblog will likely face is the fact that it's probably easy to fake views. Is there actually any way to see the current viewcount on posts ?

You are right. Some can cheat on view counting. There is possibility.

I am watching the current viewcount with Google Analytics. We will see. The PoT might be a small portion of reward compared to the main reward, PoB.

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This looks really exciting, in fact I like the idea so much I already bought 10,000 of your tokens to stake. Proof of Traffic just has to be the way forward to show post quality - it's obvious that the more people view a post it obviously is interesting them and getting passed around. You will always find the odd individual trying to game it by viewing the post multiple times, you can most likely stop duplicate hits from the same IP - they would probably then just use a VPN and keep switching - but realistically I don't know how often someone could keep doing this without going crazy!

Anyway, great way to make an impact in a few weeks! Looking forward to following your journey on developing this one.

Thanks for being part of the dblog community. I heard about you from Wes and I also voted you guys as a witness. The traffic data is closely monitored for now, and there seems to be no cheating yet. I hope dblog is fully led by the community. Your input and advice will be always appreciated.

this is rather interesting. I like the idea of proof of traffic.

I got some feedbacks concerning fake traffic. I do understand what they are worried about. For the last 24 hours, I have been checking the traffic data. It seems that no one is cheating yet. I need to find a better way to monitor the traffic, then it would work great. Thanks for commenting.

Yes I was thinking it could be faked. Trying to use IP addresses is also difficult with blockers. I would be interested in hearing your work around

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This is a very interesting idea. I will most definitely be taking part in this.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope this would work out.

That's a nice concept. We know traffic on your blog matters. No matter what you want to do in your blog or how you want to monetize it, at the end of the day, you need the audience, you need traffic.

I like PoT. I will share my content here.

Thank you, buddy. Your martial art posts would be a great example of high-quality posts on, too.

Glad to know that. I already bought some DBLOG tokens. I also talk about with other Steemians. Hope we can see many Steemians join this tribe.

PoT seems like a good concept. Good luck with your project!

Thanks. Let's make this place good for all participants. If that is possible.

PoT is a nice touch, it will encourage bloggers to attract traffic from the net and other social media. This might be their followers on other media as well. I think, not only for bloggers, this idea would be good overall for all of the Steem Blockchain.

Thanks for commenting. I hope we could have a better and fairer place for all. Thanks for joining in by staking.

Finally something I can get behind. Doing so many things correct.

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I will be trying my best to make our collective value.

Will dblog account pay the blogger with upvote equal to the estimated earning or crm?
Also, what do you think about fake impressions and fake number of views?

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That needs to be discussed in the future. But I said in the previous post that the value generated by this platform will be back to the blogger according to their DBLOG stakes.

About fake traffic, we have to dig into more. That is what I tell you right now.

How do you determine the difference between real, natural traffic and fake traffic?

You made a point there. You are right. It could be hard.
But, until now, the data seem to be ok and there is no one fakes the traffic yet.
I will be monitoring.

I'm also on board with this concept. Just bought and staked my DBLOG tokens and am preparing my next blog post. Let's do this! :)

Welcome on board! Let's make value on this platform together!

if people don't game the heck outta it , is a lot "fairer" as far as seeing actual data and analytics go, nice concept and initiative for sure

You are right. Some might try to cheat. I will be monitoring close the traffic data to better and fairer rewards.

Therefore, the account @dblogger will try to stake just enough DBLOG token to lift the three posts on the trending and will upvote only 3 times a day.

erm... @rokyupjung!!

How comes the account @dblogger on still doesn't have not even a single staked DBLOG token in its wallet?

Should we wait until @dblogger stakes their DBLOG tokens to us then try to buy a handful of these brandnew coins on SE? };)

It will happen shortly! It is a first day of a new tribe. I am on a hectic schedule. And there is not a meaningful traffic data yet since it is the first day. Please, be patient with me. Thanks for your understanding beforehand. :)

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It will happen shortly! It is a first day of a new tribe. I am on a hectic schedule.

Haha yeah buddy I understand. I was just teasing you a little bit. 😈

As you already know, everything has been nicely solved through the quick decision of my recent 'feats' celebration. :)

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  • From Oct 15, 2019, we will provide SCT rewards for postings published on SteemCoinPan.
  • You won't get SCT rewards at all if you create a posting on other Steem Dapps after Oct 15, 2019.

Great! today i will post something good, let's try this new tag, so excited! (:!! i had this two years on steemit being a blogger but since a months by now i do daily post with great quality contest (i like to think) good to see new improvements.

Congratulations to you for coming up with an interesting reward metric including PoT!

However I ain't too excited with the current execution strategy. From what I understood, you're planning to reward authors who also stake some DBLOG tokens (at least top-3 PoT rewards will be distributed in that proportion).

PoS percent for reward pool is too small's only 30% after deducting 10% beneficiary rewards (so you shouldn't mention it as 40%).

I gather that you want to reward bloggers better that curators and that is understandable. But how will your token derive value if investors' interest isn't taken care of? I mean, investors who just stake for the purpose of curation will get only 30% share of reward pool. Add to it, your tribe has got the highest inflation rate of all existing tribes out there. On one hand, high inflation can't hold the token price and on the other hand investors struggle to maintain their stake percentage through active curation as they get only 30% share of total reward pool. IMHO, that is a sure recipe of price disaster if you don't have any other plans to create demand for the token and lure many investors to buy the newly minted tokens at such a high rate.

I hope you must have already planned out something as your strategy to counter such apprehensions and it will be interesting for me to observe how you manage that.

Wishing you success in your endeavor!

Thanks for commenting. But you misunderstood about the reward pool. Let me explain a little.

First, the reward pool will be divided by POB(60%) and POS(40%) in a week. It is currently 100% POB.
Second, in POB, 60% is for author, 30% for curators, and 10% for the beneficiary.

With this setting, those who stake DBLOG have advantages. Without doing anything, they get reward by staking it. Plus, they can have 30% from POB by curating.

I hope this explanation solves the misunderstanding.

Ah I see! You mean you're going to change the SCOT settings in a week to set POS pool? Current;y I see PoB pool percentage set to 100 while other pool percentage is 0.

If you're gonna allocate 40% of the pool to PoS then it will be a good interest earning for stakers. Combined with 30% of PoB as curation i.e. 18%; staking and curating will result in 58% share of the reward pool. Is it what you intend to do?

Will there be the option to delegate my dblog tokens?

For now, No. I am very careful on this because, as you also know, we have seen many attempts to abuse the system with delegation in many tribes. However, if the community keep asking the needs, it will be enabled. :)

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that makes voting a bit harder as I also use my Steempower with every vote but I can also set up a curation account then I guess.

You are right.
Actually, there have been a number of people asking me about enabling delegation, and I hope to make the user experience better. So, I will be dealing with this shortly. Thanks for sharing your view.

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Very good solution
But traffic seems to be easy to be cheated
Maybe you can use the area to consider
such as
East Asia’s traffic share is 25%
Traffic in North America is 30%
The proportion of traffic in the European region is 27%
to divide the world into several major regions.
Assuming that East Asia is being brushed, no matter how high he brushes, he only gets 25 points.
in other words
Each region has a maximum score for its traffic

For now, since it started only a few days ago, there is not meaningfully enough traffic yet, the team will closely monitor the data and share it with you guys.
Thanks for your great input, though.:D

Awesome initiative. I'm glad to be an early adopter of this new SCOT Tribe Thank you @rokyupjung for bringing this.

I want to take part in this wonderful initiative, way to go at it sir @rokyupjung.