ICC Women world cup 2021

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Hello friends ICC na women world cup 2021 ka announcement kardye hai jao NZ maine hoga world cup kye all match Newzland kye 6 city maine hogye copmplte announcement kab aur kaisey date ko hogye uss ka announcement March maine hoga.Pakistan na apni 15 player kye team ka announcement kardye hai jaisey maien former captain Sana Mir shamil nhai hai Bisma maroof captain hogye.

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ویمنز کرکٹ ورلڈ کپ کے میچز نیوزی لینڈ کے 6 شہروں میں کھیلے جائیں گے تاہم ورلڈ کپ کے

Exact translation into Anglicized Hindi? If I prove that it is, I will write a Bench request immediately. Put some effort into your posts please and try and play smart!!

Hmm curated by one of the benched @shahzad alt accounts......will definitely look deeper.

This account isnt even following anyone. That means that its simply farming

Hey referee6 not my account arslan786 and arslan.curation is not my account just one account arslan.dliker @arslan786 and arslan.curation my foot.

So now we know youre a liar...just one account arslan.dliker ...bench time

Mate, Im not sure they are his. I know Arslan786 (who's curation account is arslan.curation) from hammering him on dlike a long time ago and here when we first started. He is actually quite approachable and I am 95% is different to this arslan.dlike account which might just be a cover. Language is different.

i write a post in urdu becouse my leauge is urdu if you have any promblem.Dont,t bully yourself.steem allow does that you can use your langue.My only one account @arslan.dliker

You didn't write anything. You did a simple spin or an article originally written in Hindi and used Google translate to help. Then you Anglicised the text.
No one is bullying anyone but we do not stand for cheats here.

If your language is Urdu, then write some thing ORIGINAL in Urdu, no problem.

This article i write in my words did not use any google.You are other countries will explain to you about my article.But the steem platfarm make sure you can use your language here.if you think i did google translation show me proof.IF you proof is tru the you can down vote me and ban my account.Becouse not confuse my article is real.

@referee6 @arslan.saleem is his account as is @saleem12 possibly others I will look for....benching post coming soon.

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