The story behind Justin Verlander’s beef with the Detroit Free Press reporter

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A solar eclipse and some confusion about off and on the record seems to be fueling it.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Justin Verlander fan. I have been since his early days at Detroit. There was a season or two there where he wasn't the greatest, but he came back and showed what he was made of.

I am happy for him that he was finally able to get his ring. I am sad that it wasn't with the Tigers. For all of the talent they had, they seemed to squander it and never put together a decent bullpen to support the starting pitchers.

That being said, after reading this article, I think he might have went a little too far and just needs to move on. The reporter apparently has. As a pro athlete you have people being critical of you every day. Why add to that with strange antics and mildly paranoid behavior?

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As you probably remember I am not a big fan of the sport but your post made me intrigued so I had to check the article, and I think I agree with you he has gone to far

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