Returning Steve Smith plays down impact of Jofra Archer bouncer | Sport | The Guardian

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The Australian batsman says he is not only concerned by the bowler who concussed him with a short ball in the second Ashes Test

Joffra Archer's bouncer dropped Steve Smith out of the match because of that there is a lot of discussion about his injury but it is being told that now Steve Smith can come back very soon and thrill in the match again But the sign of a good player is that he should consider the game as a game and not make it stand, if this effect and Smith that if the fight becomes personal then it is for both of them It can be dangerous, Sumit should be mistaken as a bad accident and focus on his game so that he can perform well for the next. If he talks about revenge, he will do this kind of work, it can become a threat to his career. But rather you can get cut off that he should not get angry, handle yourself and give maximum attention in your personal game.

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