Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce crowned fastest woman in the world - CNN

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The 32 Year Old "Jamaican Unicorn"  Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce had a superb  victory at the world championships held on September 30th in Doha. Pryce clocked 10.71 seconds in the women's 100m finals to claim her fourth world championship title and eighth world title overall.

Shelly is really playing the superstar Sprinter role with her colourful hair as her trademark. Though many weren't in the crowd to view her and the sprint went widely unnoticed, it is indeed BIG news. After the race Shelly appeared with her 2 year old son Zyon who was pleased to witness his mom in action.

Here is her interview after the remarkable victory. She is indeed humble as she says she is.


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Wow really remarkable! Don't watch TV or watch the news much so thanks for sharing

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No problem. Same here, but I do happen to take a look on FB for marketing purposes.

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Damn, her hair is beautiful, she had a kid and she's faster than anyone I know.

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For realz, nice trade mark too. The only woman with a child to be the fastest in the world.

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Congrats Shelly! Respect.

@dmilliz, Without any doubt Jamaican athletes have record breaking stats and definitely we will going to see many future stars from this region. Stay blessed brother.

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