Nadal seals sixth Davis Cup title for Spain

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Ekta post dilei onara ja ta shuru korse.

Ki r korar.

Banglay e likhlam.

Enara ja dhorar dhorse, baad baaki sobai dhorle to r korar kisu na.

Jaak, account ta kisuta safe korar issa thekei post edit kore dilam. dekha jaak, boddhara ki koren.

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I suggest you stop posting plagiarized content and start acting like you care about the Sportstalksocial tribe. Your next plagiarized post will lead to ban. Consider yourself warned!

In the meantime, I suggest you read the Community Guidelines.


Not only today but I am frequently doing this.

But, fact is that, you came today.

Why you did not come earlier.

I plagiarized but who cared about it?

No one caught that.

So, why I should be stopped?

But you could better warn me in a comment first rather than early downvoting.

After knowing your messag, I will try to follow community guideline.

Thank you.

You admit you're plagiarizing frequently, then you ask me why did I downvote you, why didn't I warn you first.
So you knew what you're doing is wrong and still you want a warning.
You're being ridiculous, you know that?

I will try to follow community guideline.

You will try? Either you follow the rules or you get banned. There's no trying here, you have no choice.

This is basically for the first time.

I didn’t even know there is a refree.

Today I have seen it for the first time.

Even today is the first time I have read your community guidelines. Not before that.

I highly appreciate the community steps.

Why not follow? If I really need to work with the communit, I should follow that rules.

I just wanted to say, That, these things I did not know before.

Thanks for appearing here and let me know about your rules.

@irak You joined on steemit in February 2018 and you are telling you frequently plagiarizing. Don't you even know the steemit rules ? Not only sportstalksocial but also any steemit projects never support plagiarism.
And I think you don’t wanna see your reputation decreasing by getting downvotes all of your posts.

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I know brother it was my fault. Next time I will be careful as much as I can. But, I don't know, why there are so many persons frequently downvoting. Now I am afraid about future posting. If they downvotes in my non plagiarized content?

The offence is now published. I have come before the eyes of the people. If my future posts are non plagiarized, then should I stop posting?

But one fact is that, some of them also downvoted my actifit posts, even they are not being plagiarized.

I've seen your actifit posts. You should try harder I'd say. Try to describe your actifit activity and not just post one sentence that has nothing to do with sport. You may bet more upvotes.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Actually steemit is a platform that says to write, says to do blogging. But I think, Many of these dapps less likely to encourage this. What can you do with a actifit post? May be some of your activities that you did throughout the day. Anything else? May be not.

But some users are also making their actifit posts look better through words, pictures, markdown etc. They are betting more upvotes also.

By the way,
Thanks for your suggestion. Not only cleaning the community but sometimes such type helping with few suggestions may also improve the community looks better in future.

That's like a good referee. I think.

As you did plagiarism frequently, then frequent people may frequently downvote you.

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Brother, just published a post. Lets see what happens in this post. This post I have just published just for testing purpose.

Referees put a lot of time and effort to make this tribe better. @referee6 is doing a great job. It is up to you whether you stop this or not.

There are many steemains in our SportsTalk community who love and respect Referees. What you guys are doing, that's fantastic. I'd like to thank you and all the referees for your contribution to this community.

Keep up the great work, @referee6!

Thank you for the nice words, it's nice to know. We're working on keeping this place clean and make sure rewards go to those who deserve it.

Each post created through, and it’s associated sites, is that of the user who published the post. We do not allow users to share any content that violates someone else’s intellectual property or trademarks. If a copyright claim is reported by a rights holder, or their authorized representative, we will remove and potentially restrict that user’s future ability to use our platform. Users found repetitively plagiarising may lose their ability to utilize the platform. Community Guidelines