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Nick Kyrgios has lashed tennis greats and "irrelevant" critics in an explosive precursor to his US Open title tilt in New York. Kyrgios lit up social Nick Kyrgios has made it clear he has no time for pundits' opinions, taking to Twitter to lash "irrelevant" critics ahead of the US Open in New York.

This player has given a very mouth-breaking reply to his critics and he gets very angry sometimes as well. It is said that this player has given a very good and befitting reply to his critics and has also given a discussion on social media. The panelists who are sitting in the room also talk about them because of which they feel very bad, but they care

about their game without caring about everything. Focused and silenced everyone with their performance. This is a huge success in itself. Hopefully, keep your temper under control because it is not a good thing to get angry again and again and again and again it can hurt. Is uncontrollable in anger, a person does some work that should not be done, so he should avoid all these things to avoid

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