Wilder Believes Fury Would Step Aside To Allow Unification - Boxing News

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Oh Cmmon Deontay! Don't come like an innocent cat "meowing" that the Fury will avoid you. The Gipsy gave you a hard time boxing lesson after a long layoff and one tune-up and you think he would avoid you better fit and prepared with all that money on the table? I don't think so sparky, you know what I think? I think you're expecting to face the winner of the Joshua-Ruiz stanza, unify and give the loser to Fury so then, in case you both win, you would face each other in a mega rematch in September or December, that's what I think. You're so predictable Deontay but also clever because you played the cards first by showing like Fury is trying to duck you pal. Be careful with what you wish for because I'm pretty sure Tyson will get the winner and you the loser sport!

Cambio y fuera!

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