Cricket World Cup final umpire admits awarding England extra run against New Zealand was a mistake

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One wrong decision in Cricket can make a team winner or runner. I am talking about Cricket World Cup 2019 final that was held between England and New Zealand. A wrong judgement of Umpire Dharmasena awarded six runs to England in the last over of the Cricket World Cup final and England’s score matched New Zealand’s 241. According to rules, a super over game occurred between both the team and finally England won the Cricket World Cup 2019 final.

However, Later, Dharmasena admitted that he made a mistake in making right judgment and awarded six runs to England which actually should have been five runs.

But he also said:

“I agree that there was a judgmental error when I see it on TV replays now. But we did not have the luxury of TV replays at the ground, and I will never regret the decision I made.

“I did consult the leg umpire (Erasmus) through the communication system which is heard by all other umpires and the match referee.

“While they cannot check TV replays, they all confirmed that the batsmen have completed the second run. This is when I made my decision.

“Besides, the ICC praised me for the decision I made at that time.”

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