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First time I heard about Instagram sports’ rich list. I didn’t know that player like Virat Kohli is earning huge money for their one post on Instagram. However, it is unclear what common people are earning on instagram. The top 10 Instagram rich list include eight football players, one cricket player, and one basketball players.

Kohli has huge fan following on social media sites like Instagram, facebook and twitter. He has around 36 million followers on Instagram while on other social media sites like twitter and facebook he got more than 100 million followers.

You will be surprised when you will know Kohli’s income on Instagram. He earns £158,000 (Rs. 1.35 crore) for a single post on Instagram platform. This is amazing. No other cricket player is earning like Kohli on Instagram. However, there are other players in the list who are earning more than Virat Kohli. You can review the above list. I, being a common man, don’t think, I will be able to touch Kohli’s income on Instagram. You can review the top 10 Instagram rich list by visiting the source link.

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