NBA launches blockchain collectibles

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The NBA and the NBA Players Association is launching NBA Top Shot, a home for blockchain-based digital collectibles.

Supposedly this will allow anyone to purchase a non-fungible ethereum token that represents a video clip of an exciting moment in a game. These moments will serve to let you "own" a piece of the game. Later this will be able to be used in a built in game that focuses on letting people play against one another.

These are always exciting announcements for me. Last year the MLB had announced a similar project with their own NFTs based around special game moments. I've never taken the time to look into them because I'm certainly no Ethereum fan but love the concept. Maybe one day we'll see one of these leagues choose a blockchain that doesn't suck! :P

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Finally, it's also uncertain if digital collectibles will take off with fans,

Yeah I haven't seen numbers from the #mlb's forte into NFTs but since there's been limited press on them for a year I have to imagine it hasn't went the way they had to have hoped. It could be interesting to see what projects we can line up for #sportstalk when SE team brings NFTs to Steem!

Right on. Shame The Splinterlands crew couldn't get involved with the NBA :)

You never know! 😃

They should put tremendous advertisement for it to be embraced by the common people who doesn't have a background in crypto

It'd be cool to see a lot of promotion from them around the space but I think it's more of a having a product for a niche base of their market. It'll make a bit of money but I think there will end up being more projects down the road that do even more exciting things.

That's great news! It is fascinating to see what blockchain enables us to do that was not possible before like this.

I completely agree! The future is getting pretty exciting :)

The bigger names finally took the potential of blockchain. I think they are just carefully doing it in a way that it can be adapted by the masses.

For sure, non-techy fans will probably be in shock in grabbing the idea of cryptocurrencies. So I guess that's a good start.

Yeah I think it was more of a way to have a product in the space. I think this will only be the first of many projects in the sporting world.

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@patrickulrich, Wow, in my opinion this can be a huge step for the Blockchain Space because NBA is one of the famous sports world. Let's see how this will going to impact.

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I'm not as inclined to think it will be as huge. I think it's a great niche market that the NBA can work to monetize but if we can't convince normies to adopt the truest form of sound money then I'm afraid trading cards won't help either. In time this will be the future in my humble opinion though. It's definitely better than a flimsy piece of paper.

Let's see how it will going to unfold. Have a great time ahead.

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The virus is spreading folks,first they start with joining the blockchain and next Bitcoin!!!

This is great news as adoption is increasing and now entering the NBA.

I'm certainly no Ethereum fan but love the concept. Maybe one day we'll see one of these leagues choose a blockchain that doesn't suck!

Hahaha hope they get to know about Steem!!!

Let us also hope the NBA fans get to know about Sports Talk Social!

Agreed! I think that Steem would offer any league a great place to start. If we see SE adopt NFT things could really get interesting here.

Let us hope for the best and also hope SMTs spice things up!!!

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yeah blockchain using /friendly companies is where I invest as far as crypto only....that's all over the place. I've been hearing about this for a hot second , next they'll be paying players in crypto ;) lol....and nice one about a blockchain that doesn't suck, he he