How to defend against a front kick

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Do you like front kick?

Some people say it takes time to raise your legs and do front kick. Yes, you have to spend time to learn martial arts. So you know how to defend and front kicks

You can simply do out side parry. When you do parry, try to hit the back of the attacker's Day. If the attacker is not fast enough, you can grab his legs as well.

You have to control the distance. If you are very close to the tacker, he change and move. You can grab the leg if you want.

Thank you so much for reading this. If some of you are benifited from this  video.

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Nice I'd love to help the martialarts community here grow and organize.
.great knowledge you are sharing!

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Glad to know that. I'm passionate about martial arts. And I have been sharing different things about martial arts and self defense consistently. Thank you @ganjafarmer for your feedback. I appreciate that!

Of course. And keep posting.

Let me know would love to build a group to reward martial arts and instructors for posting here.

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