Abid ali pakistani cricket batsman

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Abid ali jao bhut hai zabardast pakistan key beating player haia ur test match maien lagtaar 2 match maien 2 100 run karne wale abid ali na media sy baat kye hai aur bola hai kye maine achi perfomance do ga aur 3 match maine apni 100 run kar kye azharuldain ka record barbaar kero ga aur mujhe umeed hai maine acha perfomace do ga next test match maine .

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Hi, the fact you are only following one person makes this look like a farming account....strangely, you use the same sources as Arslan.dliker ashhh its not you again is it??
ahhh you are @arslan.saleem and therefore you are @arslan.dliker . Time to request all these accounts to be benched. I will tag you when I write the benching post so you can comment if you wish.