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I have a pretty good variety of packs in my arsenal at the moment, so today, I have a pack of 2017-18 Upper Deck CHL Hockey today! Here’s the video link, please subscribe to my YouTube channel at Shaun’s Collectibles! I got a couple of lower end hits, but they definitely are

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Also what hockey players cards are worth the most right now.

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Connor McDavid and Elias Pettersson are two players collectors are hot for. I’d keep your eye on Jack Hughes. First overall picks are always collectible. If he has a good rookie season, his cards will be huge.

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So it similar to basketball rookies rule for the most part.

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Hope you tube is working out for you. I try to catch your videos now.

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It’s going ok. I need more subscribers. The past two years, during the summer, it goes cold. I barely get any new subscribers. Diehards are always buying hockey cards and watching hockey Card Break videos, but the casual fans just don’t watch or subscribe as much in the summer. I think it’ll pick up soon. I’m close to 11,000 total views, so I’m growing!

Thanks for your support, please keep watching.

Happy Collecting! 🙂

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