A few things for a Saturday post

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Right. I should write and have no excuse for not doing so for the three days now. SPORTS modding, Steem monsters, reading content, and chatting in discord, etc are to blame though.

Want to see the view from my flat?


Not much to write about there.

What about the new dressing gown and matching PJ bottoms?


Them slippers though, wrong colour :(

Sports / Tribes

Entertaining in the Sports Talk Social Discord this morning:

I was starting to feel a bit left out with regards to the law suits.

This guy, is probably all these guys:

Not much #newsteem going on here.

The SportsTalkSocial tribe are trying a refereeing system where 9 referees are being elected by the community. You are able to vote for one account only and this 'referee' account must make themselves known with an introduction post. If 5 referees downvote a piece of content, the rewards are mostly (depending on value) removed by the tribe moderation account.

The SPORTS token is under huge inflation and the value of the trending posts in relation to most of the other tribes is high. High stakes, high chance of abuse.

Over the past month I've been called a fair few names but I believe i'm doing the right thing for the tribe. Other tribes (which the accounts in the pie chart above also tag) are not doing so well and sadly, the token value has depreciated massively.

It was around September time that the first workings of the refereeing system were put into place, and considering the huge inflation rate of SPORTS, the token is holding up quite well.

Steemworld / SPS

I noticed Steemchiller wrote a post about the SPS and funding for Steemworld the other day, and while I feel that there was room for improvement in the wording of the post, I do think his hard work on easily the most complete explorer tool on Steem is worth funding. A large stakeholder put their vote in for the essential Return Proposal recently and Steemworld fell below by around 1.25m SP. I've not done the math but think this vote is also keeping yabapmatt's keychain proposal from SPS funding.

I don't think many would argue that both these guys are quality devs and an asset to the Steem, doing much of their earlier work out of love. It would be a shame to lose them due to a system that was put in place to support Steem-related projects, with less pull on the reward pool.

It is the community stake that decides though in the end, although obviously some have a much bigger say than others. I can see a time where there are 100's of decent proposals jostling for funding and a 4 million SP vote for the Return Proposal will be like taking a sledgehammer to a nut, providing little flexibility if the stake is in one place. Apparently, a voting slider for the Return Proposal has been discussed in the past, would be tricky to implement, and is seemingly not wanted.


I wondered this week how engagement on top level comments (Posts) had been fairing since the hardfork(s) in late August. Things have looked quieter but that was just a feeling - the numbers say:

A total of 788,156 comments in the 30 days prior to the fork and 627,755 in the past 30 days - over 20% fewer comments.

Price though, or lack of votes on comments?

You could argue it's still the price having the main say and some more data would help.

Midday already and I've not been very productive. The plan now is to visit the gym as I'm at less than 500 steps for the day so far (and it's midday) and after that, not much. My budget is tight for a month or so now and so probably best to stay warm and away from the shops, my daughter is busy this weekend, and friends are away or working - this could be a day for drinking tea and gaming.

Enjoy your weekend,



'It would be a shame to lose them due to a system that was put in place to support Steem-related projects, with less pull on the reward pool.'

Totally agree on that one. A shame really that it gets "snowed-under" because of larger stake.

'Price though, or lack of votes on comments?'

I think mainly the latter. Most (even myself last week) have "switched on" Steemauto for some people that they always vote for anyway. And later on do not bother to comment anymore.

Cheers mate and good luck in your new castle.

P.s. that gown ... awesome. Is that the new company clothing for casual Friday?

@tipu curate

The power!

Cheers :D

Absolutely, I'll come back to read though I'm a little knocked off man 🙂🙂

Lawsuit!!! Ha ha hahaha. Some people are just hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

It has been quieter. I think it's all price related. That is the story I am sticking to in my head to avoid all the rocking and crying.

Get to the gym MacGuiver!

That made me laugh, and then look into the accounts further, what a farce!

I think the price action is quite interesting at present, seemingly a bottom is forming but I've said that a few times and been wrong!

Yes, the gym, but nooo, foood!

I've eaten like a hog today!! Will get back in the wagon from Monday!

I love the threats man, so fast these people, sometimes I wonder what they are like irl

Poor form, unless you were at a Fair?

In real life I'm sure they would politely beat me up!

Nah, they are the ones that hide in the shadows!!

Kids party, outside I spotted a burger van. Slipped off for ten minutes, returned twenty minutes later stuffed. Quality!

haha :D :D

Random burger van food, what a bonus! Did he offer some skag with the napkin?

I might not have took it if he had, place was filthy!! 🤣

I wouldn't expect anything less from a burger van!

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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Thanks @amico :D

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Awesome. The dressing gown an matching PJ bottoms made my day :0)

I'm glad I could make your day!

Did you think I'd post the gown? :D

I really didn't think you'd have the guts :0)

I am hiding and not really in the light, but maybe one day :D

Have a !BEER ... but don't finish it before you get back from the gym! ;0p

Ah thanks, I'm all out of beer and promise not to consume until I've earned it :)

Price related indeed. The price action should also put the idea that HF 21 has been killing the price to rest. The decline has leveled off during the time the consequences of HF 21 have gradually been making an impact on Steem.

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I have to agree. The 2000/3000 a day fewer comments could easily be tied to price and spammers realising their pointless commentary is no longer picking up .02 STU.

Glad you spotted Phoenix tag on his sports talk posts mate. Let me know what you want to do. I'm all for weighing in with a million delegation each and whacking the wanker. I'm sure we could get 10 to 20 million together in a pot for a few weeks of fun :-)

Let me know the next move please.

Dressing gown and slippers, if you need a pipe to complete the 'look', I'll chip in in return for a pic ;-)

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I'm hoping the referee's will be on it and it'll be goodnight vienna for pending rewards. The issue is that stake can be delegated elsewhere and so some monitoring, forever, is required :(

What kind of pipe are we talking Dr Jones? :)

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tease, i cant see?!

Is that really a dressing gown? I would accept that happily if you don't like the color 😂😂😂 it's cool!

Yes, a gown and matching bottoms :D

I like the colour, and I like the warmth even more!

At least it doesn't match with your couch 😂

Ha, ha, ha! I love how your first tag is dressinggown! 😂

I didn't take you for a PJ kind of guy. Do you have other sets that don't match your dressing gown or is that not allowed in the world a(h) la(h) abh?

No energy to comment on the Steem stuff. I'm already over 10000 steps and now need a rest before a big night out.

I hope you enjoy your pottering. 💙


Changed it to that at the last minute hehe

I have other bottoms that don't match the gown yes, but today I am matching, or was - finally got dressed.

10000, good on you - is an actifit coming later or will you be too trollied to post? :D

I might be a bit worse for wear 'tis true. Not so much that I won't be able to post but more that I might not remember. 😂 I should probably post before I go out to be safe.

If I can get the wifi to work with my phone I might try an appics post on my main account. What are all the sports tags?

We doing lawsuits now? Should we perhaps create a LAW coin to pay for law services inside the community xD

I'm still getting a little sun in Portugal, it seems you guys up north are already deep inside winter :/

Great idea!

Yeah might as well be winter here, really happy for you over there in the sun :P

did you get much gaming in then?

damn, dont you hate when you use the wrong account

Yes, although the abh12345 usually gives my alts away :D

No gaming, unless you are talking about the curation game. booooo :P :P

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The tribe coin market seems to be getting hit rather hard over the long run. I'm still hoping a few of them will come out as winners.

Ok you had me at those pj’s but it reminded me off my dad 😂😂

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