Drone Dump Load Test Video

in #drone6 months ago

Thought I would test the ability of the Mavic 2 Pro drone to carry load and drop on command. I have a particular mission in mind, but just started testing to get an idea of the capabilities before I spend more time tweaking the delivery model and payload.

Was still interesting for a quick test with some things I had handy in the garage, and a handful of rocks. Will do some more formal testing and better video, but couldn't wait to get at least one on video.


Noisy bugger.. Drop seemed to work fine.

Yes, it was definitely straining a bit with that load and much louder than normal flight mode.

this is the new future ahead will be interesting how things will be going around the world

I never tried with mine !

My primary use for photos, but got curious about possible uses for the drop hook besides fishing and thought I'd play a bit. Could be useful.

Are you planning on bringing me cookies? 😀

This is what my cookies turn out like. lol The rocks probably taste better!