The Sunday Night Sports Nerd Show - An Hour Of Joyful Sports Banter!

in dsound •  11 months ago 

It's time for another hour of pure sports talk foolery......!

  • Listen to Jon yawn as the guys talk baseball....

  • Discover the hatred that Scott has for basketball.....

  • Find out why a guy from NYC grew up a 49'ers fan....

  • Hear a guy from Carolina get really angry about....Let's be honest, that guy doesn't get angry ever....

All in an hour with time to spare!

Be sure to listen in or download and enjoy the show :)

P.S.....The Toronto Raptors Are STILL World Champs!

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► Listen from source (IPFS)
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@jongolson, Hope that this Sports Talk Show will going to express true emotions of Sports Fans. 🙂

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Hello @jongolson 😁
I am super excited to meet you after getting to connect with you on steem savy. I open my account a long time ago but I was not active due to some issues but I am back but not just back on steemit but to do better and understand steemit back. Thanks to you for making this work for me through your videos on steem savy and I will be looking forward to more future post from you. Cheers

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