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RE: By the end of this week I will be a SportsTalk Orca (277,000 SPORTS)

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I haven’t had the spare time to be active on #sportstalk the last 3 or 4 days. Somehow within that time period I have managed to cross 250,000 SPORTS and watch the price of the token drop quite a bit. No worries, I am still planning on staking all of my SPORTS for the long run.

I just wanted to take the time to thank each one of you. Both for being active on Sports Talk Social & for supporting my content directly.

We’ve got an awesome tribe here my friends.

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I'm also planing to stake 100k in monday. I'm exicited about that and I'm happy to meet so many well staked here that I know. It's for sure one of the best tribes. ☺

My man, that’s good to hear. Sticking with #sportstalk is a great way to get to that gold medal we all crave so badly.

It has been great run for sure. I am up to 50,000 sports tokens and growing. Congratulations to you you have done great job.

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This has been the most rewarding tribe, in my experience. I’m loving the growth.