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So, guys.

I'm back again with another battle video of splinterlands.

This video is to join a amazing contest named SHARE YOUR BATTLE. Officially arranged by @splinterlands / @steemmonsters team. To join this contest you have to play a match following the rule given by @splinterlands in their announcement post and you have to share this battle video/link in your post in steemit with three answers questioned by @splinterlans .
So, this week's challenge was you have to play with a card named PIT OGRE. And I've completed the challenge successfully. The rule set was MELE MAYHEM and HEALED OUT. Which means mele attack monsters can attack from any position and monsters will lose healing ability.

My answers--

First one:

AT first I used the pit ogre and then I used the other cards. As it was a mele mayhem match so mele cards can attack from any position. That's why I used all mele cards. And I think pit ogre is a good choice for this rule set.

Second one:

No, my strategy didn't worked and I lost the battle. Next time I will try to use goblin mech or any healing card in the first position.

Third one

Yeah, I used pit ogre several times before now. Because, it has high damage ability and high life level.

Thanks for your time.

See you again in my next post.

Till then, stay happy, stay sound.

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