Will Harry Maguire be as successful at Manchester United as Ferdinand & Vidic Transfer Talk

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they have got a few there nobody is injured I believe by by his injury think they would probably keep everybody as they are right now they have I mean I know you're fixing your face but at the same time you're talking about players can be out for four to five months and they're gonna want to compete on all front that's not a lot of them yeah awesome answer yeah axl 20 a go/no signed a new contract but people forget Rojo Harry exactly Harry McGuire signing could be a progress stopper for him you know there are players that need to get game time if they can develop the younger players and Marcos Rojo I think yeah let's be honest I think Manchester Nights would happily sell if they could

get the right offer mmm-hmm but so I think there might be
some people leaving in the next couple of days you have to look here all of
those young players all of those other center half's that are in that squad
right now they're gonna look at Harry Maguire and say okay cool
you're a British record transfer so you're gonna come in
and be the main defender I want to put myself next to
you we've seen Linda loss progression last year on the socha
and how good he was but all of those other center halves will look at this
and say this is my opportunity to shine still I can still make myself
going forward the center-back partnership with Harry Maguire
but they still got stonestill got Jones even then they still got Smalling as well

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