Slow Bike Race Attracts People | at Hanamkonda

in #dtubelast year

Seeing this video, you will surely remember for a moment that if you like to ride a bike and like to apply brother's recipe, then you are seeing something similar, then we should take care that if you race If we put it for fun or for fun or to disturb

someone, then it is not good but it can harm us because a lot of people You must have seen that if you lose your life due to fun and speed, then ride the bike at the speed of your need and the sand does not come in such a place where there is a danger of accident, rather I say that race should not be done about it. This is a video, you will not understand the language

of this video, but I am telling you that bike racing is being done here but it does not harm anyone by following the rules. Taking care of everything it is being done so there is no problem, but this will like it would be much better

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