Catalunya Bike Race 2019

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One thing you will understand by watching this video is that how important are the health people who are obese or have a lot of fat in their bodies, seeing this, they will definitely think for a moment I wish we had got a similar body, then we need to be 222 Do not reduce the things of food, pay attention to exercise and jogging and if possible, join a health club, you will get exercise there. So because of that you can make your thinking very good, but in this video, you can see the fair, how our promising youngsters are cycling on top of the mountains and from such dangerous areas, they are very courageous to do this. And a lot of lagna is needed so that you can reach this point, but everyone can do it, there should be a little interest in it, not just to show people but that If you are equally serious with your health, then you can take part in such sports even if you are very serious about your health, no matter what age, no matter what age, just get ready, then everything is ready for you. are done

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