HUGE waves clashing against Bondi Beach icebergs pool

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On a daytrip to Bondi Beach from Sydney. When i arrived there the tide was high and the waves were huge! It was fascinating how the huge waves clashed against the Icebergs pool corner. Spontaneously i rent a surfboard and tried to ride such a wave but miserably failed.

Bondi Beach Travel Vlog | Vlog 30

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Shhh yeah

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Wow! This is and Amazing Place.

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Indeed Yanira! an abolute perfect spot. have a nice day :)

Your videos are pro-level @ivansnz. The shots you get and how you combine your narration, selfie style vlog talking to camera and the panorámica you take are delightful. Thanks for creating amazing content for Steem. Here's a vote from the @ocdb curation team! Steem on!

thanks a lot ocdb team! i am glad you like my work and i really appreciate the support =D
ps. its amazing how you guys changed the project and are rocking the manual curation, hats off!

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Thank you Laura! glad you like it. i'll follow you back when you have more posts. keep going :)