Huge waves at Seger Reef, Lombok

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The swell forecast was looking so good in the morning and i was super excited to paddle out in Seger Reef surfspot (lombok). Arriving there i was surprised with a huge swell, bug waves and sharp rocks out in the water. I saw no surfer in the line up and it looked too messy. So i decided to look for another spot and drove along the coast until Are Guling or "Air Guling". I rent a board and paddled out but the current was strong iand dragged me in different directions. Only one more surfer was fighting against the current. After a while and without standing the board gave up and enjoyed the day drinking coffee and eating some delicious food in Kuta Lombok. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you would've paddle out in Segar Reef?

Seger Reef | Travel Vlog 77

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Segar Reef looks great